This Fabulous February

Paying tribute to this year’s shortest, but maybe most impactful month of the year

I simply love February. Being in February means that we are about to ease out of winter, despite what Phil might say and that we celebrate one of my favorite holidays of the year, Valentine’s Day. This special day was celebrated like a national holiday when I was growing up because it was my father’s birthday AND my parent’s anniversary. We decorated our house like it was Christmas, with hearts and flowers everywhere. The decorations and chocolate helped me get through the darkness of winter. In those years when I didn’t have a boyfriend, my parents always bought me something special and made me feel loved, so I never felt too sad that I was spending it alone. Later, it was also the wedding day of one of my dearest childhood friends . I will never forget walking down the aisle as her bridesmaid, dressed in a beautiful crimson dress decorated with white lace. I felt like a living, breathing valentine and I was so happy that she had married the love of her teenage life.

Later, I also married the love of my life, who also happened to be born in February. This very special man came three thousand miles to work but stayed permanently because of me. He is a wonderful man and has always made me feel so special and so loved, some times, when I didn’t deserve it. He loved me through years of homeschooling our children and caregiving both my parents and long days and sickness and health. He supported me through my crazy writing projects and demanding jobs, and he has always helped me make it work, without complaining or making me feel guilty. I am so blessed.

As this month comes to a close, I also want to think about the way God loves us. I found these pictures that I made of nature’s valentines. God is always showing us ways that He loves us, if we will truly look and listen. Sometimes, we are so distracted or in our own heads that we can’t really see his care for us. He shows us in quiet ways, but there are times that His Love is made manifest and suddenly, people take notice. This is the case of the Asbury Outpouring or Revival, which occurred at Asbury University in Wilmore, Kentucky. It started on February 8 when several students from the university lingered a bit longer after chapel to confess their sins and repent and spend more in prayer. The presence of God was felt and the atmosphere changed, and no one wanted to leave. The service did not end in the auditorium but continued, day and night until February 25. Then, the worship spread to other universities and places, even other countries. People came from thousands of miles away just to bask in His presence, worship and pray, and people were saved, demons were driven out, sicknesses were healed, lives were restored and miracles happened. Lines of people formed around this small campus to be a part of this incredible moment, and in the end, an estimated 70,000 had come to this little town of 6,000, even if they had to stand in the cold for hours. It was truly an event of Biblical proportions. What happened in this small month, I predict, will have a huge impact on the world. Why did these people descend on this place? Because they felt ” rest, peace and love.” Beneath each person’s veneer, this is what the human heart truly longs for and is made for.

This outpouring is now taking a different shape and direction, but is still going. The beautiful Presence they felt is available to you, if you will only ask and you will experience it, too. #newlife #Godisreal #drybonescomealive #asburyrevival #Godlovesyou

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Published by Leslie Fowler Doyle

Writer, editor and coach for all things communicative. Areas of speciality: Education, Healthcare and Non-profits. Coach for English Language Learners, including Business English

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