What is January for, anyway?

pexels-photo-302810.jpegHope everyone’s holidays were happy and that you all are ready to start a fresh new year! Even though January is usually a terrible month for the weather, I have grown to love it because it is good month to stay in, plan for the year and learn new things! I have  not always been a fan of Martha Stewart, however, for several years running in her syndicated column, she gave a great list of things we should  put on our yearly calendar in January, so that the year would not fly by without some productive and pleasurable activities. Not just for hibernation, January offers time to:

  • organize documents for tax time
  • plan garden and house projects,
  • plan vacations
  • start on a bit of spring cleaning

I mean, really, who wants to stay inside and clean when the sun finally does come out? Real Simple’s website offers a great list  for January, as well:https://www.realsimple.com/checklist/january-to-do-checklist . Another reason for good advanced planning is so that  to be prepared  for life events. While working on taxes,

  • assess  the budget and cost cutting strategies
  • visit your local retirement planner to see if you are on track.

As I  pondered what to discuss on my blog over the past several weeks, I had several experiences that gave me food for thought. I realized that it could be helpful for my readers to discuss life events before they happen, so that they do not catch you uninformed. My father and mother were excellent planners, so even though we have had to work out details, their business preparation has made life less stressful for our family. During Christmas, my husband and I  went back home to visit my best friend, whose husband had brain cancer and unfortunately, died last week.  This turn of events happened very quickly, and  although my friend had time to process what happened, it definitely was a huge life change. It is never pleasant  to discuss  the particulars of your illness and  funeral, but it certainly makes things easier  for your family to know what you want, before it is too late. There are many options available, but we will discuss that later.

So, here’s to everyone’s having a good, prepared year.

Published by Leslie Fowler Doyle

Writer, editor and coach for all things communicative. Areas of speciality: Education, Healthcare and Non-profits. Coach for English Language Learners, including Business English

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